GoGoAngels is a world of naughty adventures. Follow four stories that update with four pages every week. Each story has its own set of characters and adventures. Find out what erotic situations our girls get into! Keep a look out for cross-overs between the stories as well. You never know who will show up to cause trouble!



Brought in from the streets, two young girls work as Go Go Dancers to a club owner only known to them as Boss. He’s trained the girls as sexual assassins. Luring their prey with sex for the final kill. His main objective is to take down a secret organization called the Syndicate. Follow the adventures of Syndee and Jaimee from the club to the bedroom and more.


Not truly aware of what she is, Aia, as been adopted by a “loving” couple. Little do they all know she is an android programmed to appear as a normal young girl with one difference, she’s a nymphomaniac. No one is safe from her seduction and innocent sexual advances. Watch as Aia goes from innocent girl to queen of seduction.


In the shadows of the city lurks a dark and vile “creature”. Known to some as Dr. Dark. A man gone insane with sexual desires. Rumor has it he was once a robotics engineer bent on creating the perfect female android for his own pleasure. He now molests women around the city with his robotic tentacles. Hot on his heels is detective Amber. Will she unravel the case or just become another helpless victim?


Kriss is the latest to be inducted into a dark group of young men that bully girls in their school. When a new female student catches them, Kriss finds himself in a life altering situation. She is a witch of sorts and she puts a spell on Kriss changing him into a girl. Now he is on the other side and the latest interest of the bullies. Will he/she enjoy it? Join Krissy in this gender-bending tale.


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